VIP Days

Offering select individuals and small groups the opportunity to work together as part of an intensive VIP one-day mentoring program. VIP Days are well suited to busy CEO’s, senior executives and entrepreneurs who are looking for an intensive experience that will accelerate their success both personally and professionally.

While our VIP day agenda will be created to meet your needs, there are a few common objectives that many executives often choose to focus on:

  • Clarify your objectives – short, medium and long term
  • Map out how to best accelerate your success as fast as possible
  • Determine your “unique value proposition” to break away from the competition
  • Position yourself for higher-end income 
  • Rework your portfolio plan to enable you to expand your income and better take advantage of your skills and capabilities.

VIP Days also suit Business Entrepreneurs who are looking to fast-track their business growth and success. Focus areas can include:

  • Clarify your business objectives
  • Improve your business systems and procedures – marketing, sales and staff programs
  • Show you how to overcome innumerable challenges and achieve outstanding success through innovation and expansion
  • Learn how to accelerate your business, become profitable and bottom-line focused
  • Improve your business and work life balance

Book in for a complimentary conversation to discuss your business objectives, and coaching areas of interest on 1800 RESULTS or 02 9487 2211.