This week I joined many leaders for a day of reflection and insights into the ability to lead companies in the future. Kylie guided us through a journey of understanding and preparation to become the next generation of Directors.

Kylies ability to highlight the landscape and acknowledge the vision and combine them into complex made simple.

If you are a current Director , you need to make contact with Kylie and her team

Mark Hancock

Few people have the opportunity to connect with highly entrepreneurial people – I had the pleasure of meeting with Kylie Hammond who shared her insights . Thank you Kylie.

Melissa Corser

Kylie spends a lot of time at the big end of town and is happy to share her insights in whats happening where. In this rapidly changing world where its difficult to keep up with everything, all of the time and decipher what is fake news and what is not, its good to spend time with people who are so up to date and so well connected as to have the real inside information.

Wendy Ragg

No one in Australia is as passionate about upgrading the diversity, quality, relevance and skills of the boardroom as Kylie, nor as successful at placing a new generation of leaders onto Australian boards.

Bob Hayward

Kylie’s personal and professional insights have certainly provided me with another lens through which to view the development of my career as well as equipping me with practical strategies to take the next steps. It was a pleasure meeting the other participants and sharing our stories and expanding our networks. Great day. Highly recommend it. Looking forward to the next opportunity to work with Kylie.

Paul Easton

Kylie’s speaking style is inclusive and personal. She openly shares her experiences and learnings so that others may benefit from this knowledge. The focus is practical and pragmatic, and happily lacking in sugar coating.

Kathryn Ossipoff

What a fabulous Masterclass facilitated by you last week Kylie. The content was useful, thought provoking and challenging, the net working opportunities were so valuable, all in all great day of education and opportunity, couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Cheryl Macnaught

Kylie was inspirational, challenged our way of thinking and delivered direct, no-nonsense advice which I’m looking forward to implementing! Thanks again Kylie.

Sasha Merzliakov

Thank you Kylie for your commitment to meeting your clients needs and for the enthusiasm and clarity that you bring to this process.

Morgan Irvine

A true masterclass session. Professionally organised & real insights. Kylie is simply outstanding. Learnt a lot and got an opportunity to meet a great bunch of people!!!

Chitrang Trivedi

Best event of the year for me, thought provoking, intense… I feel like I am truely on my path to obtaining that diversity I seek in my career .
A big thank you to Kylie and her amazing team.

Mindy Powell-Hodges

Masterclass was an excellent day, met a great crowd of likeminded business professionals & equally excellent presentation by Kylie & networking has given so many new opportunities

Paul Crollick

I can recommend Kylie Hammond without hesitation as someone who knows the board and director scene, and how to succeed in it, better than anyone else I’ve met. After some Skype and email discussions, and joining her Director Institute, I had the pleasure recently of attending one of Kylie’s masterclasses in starting or building an independent director portfolio. I learned a great deal, and I will continue to work with Kylie over the coming months to achieve my objectives. Kylie also has probably the best board-level network in the country.

Ian Massey

I was fortunate to attend Kylie’s “Welcome to the Boardroom” seminar and greatly benefited from her street-smart insights, vast experiences and her energy. I recommend her and her programs to anyone who is serious about developing a career as a Board member.

Thibaut Mortier

The Director Institute’s “Welcome to the Boardroom Masterclass”  was a well planned and executed presentation by Kylie Hammond. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in this sector are top of the range. It is a day well utilised and invested. Thanks Kylie.

Gerard Joseph

Having delivered significant business improvement for a wide range of highly respected enterprises over many years I wanted to explore the possibility of gaining a board position or two where I could provide value over the the next phase of my career. I initially joined AICD but got very little value, so I had been procrastinating and really did not know where to start until I attended Kylie’s “Boardroom Masterclass”. I came away with a very clear sense of purpose and a clear direction of the next steps. Also got to meet and learn from a great group of like minded professionals. Thanks for the kick start Kylie.

Steve Mitchinson

I completed the Welcome to the Boardroom Masterclass under the expert guidance and tutelage of dynamic CEO (and a great Perth girl) – Kylie Hammond. It was a day packed full of interactive participation, great advice, enormous networking and a massive learning experience. I walked away from yesterday’s workshop feeling energised and empowered and ready to face the challenges ahead as I continue on my journey of reinvestment in myself and my talents. Thank you Kylie for showing me what’s possible and how to achieve success at the CEO/Boardroom level. I recommend joining Director Institute Next Generation Directors if you want to receive the one on one coaching and expertise that Kylie provides. I’m on my way!

Liz Behjat

I met Kylie in person recently and was really impressed with the knowledge of her subject and her passion.

The workshop which Kylie and her guest presenters deliver is not your usual personal development seminar. For me it served as a means of getting new knowledge as a result of Kylie’s transfer of in-depth knowledge of the Director market place as well as a personal wake-up call as it challenged me to lift my game and take action. The day with Kylie moved me from indifference to sharing her passion about boards and a desire to get on with working with her in the future.

Kylie’s openness, passion and genuine interest in everyone that she meets are just some of the words that I would use to describe her inspirational leadership.
I recommend that anyone interested in serving on a company board to contact Kylie and become infected by her passion.

Ross Elliott

Kylie delivers such a practical, step-by-step approach to board directorship and progressing your career. Her content was contemporary, insightful and extremely helpful. I would not hesitate in recommending this session to any aspiring board directors or those who want to unleash their current board potential. It is a course for all types – whether you currently sit on a board/s, are considering your next board opportunity or are yet to start. It is clear that at the heart of Kylie’s work is the importance of ethical, values based board leadership and that this is the foundation for a strong board culture that benefits the business. Knowing your value proposition and skills you can bring to the table create the tipping point to a healthy board portfolio. Thank you Kylie – I got so much out of the session.

Thomas Daly

Whilst I have known Kylie for only a short period of time, her passion and depth of experience in the boards area is impressive. I look forward to working with her going into the future.

Bret Watson

Just attended an inspirational Masterclass from Kylie. Lots of nuggets in the form of practical advice, immediately applicable examples and real life stories. Well presented and very engaging. I was also introduced to some high calibre Board members and potential candidates. Highly recommended.

Ian Jones

I thoroughly enjoyed, and got excellent value, from Kylie’s one-day event. Kylie gave practical, honest and insightful advice about all stages of the process from starting, and advancing, as a director. A must-attend event for anyone contemplating directorships.

Jeff Miller

Kylie Hammond is an inspiring woman who is generous with her knowledge and expertise. I found her Masterclass to be highly informative. Kylie highlighted the opportunities within the marketplace, showed a clear pathway and facilitated networking amongst participants. Thanks Kylie for an excellent day of professional development.

Katrina McCarter

Kylie is incredibly passionate about training next generation of directors. She brings that passion together with her knowledge and experience to create a unique product. Kylie’s style resonates with me very well. Her directness leaves no room for doubt. Kylie is an excellent coach and every minute you spend with her would give you a lot of value.

Ivan Vysotskiy

Kylie sets a tone and structure right from the start and the level of people from various industries makes the event hands on and interesting. Thought provoking ideas and facts are shared in an open to share environment. The valuable structured methods and do’s and don’ts that actually will get you onto Advisory and Board member roles are shared.

The way the masterclass climate is set from the start of the day and throughout, allowing forward business people to both learn from each other and the facilitators. And the opportunity to build business and valuable contacts from the participants that day.

Nils Fredrik Jansson

Great to spend the day in your masterclass Kylie. I appreciate hearing your incredible insights into the world of governance and corporate Australia as we all seek to have more positive influence in the world around us. Your leadership in this space is unequalled.

Jason T. Smith

Kylie is passionate about creating a new generation of competent, ethical and effective Directors on Australian Boards. Her Masterclass  is full of practical, actionable insight on how to get on your first Board and contribute so effectively to that organisation that subsequent appointments will be a breeze.

Imran Furkan

I have just experienced the most fantastic day with Kylie. I came not expecting what was received. I left invigorated, refocussed, and motivated as I had a new paradigm to operate in and through.

I would recommend anything Kylie was involved in to all who would take the time to hear and absorb sound pragmatic experience and advice rooted in success.

Phil Beale

Kylie Hammond is an energetic, insightful, and successful entrepreneur. She is a great coach and a wonderful leader. It is a pleasure to be one of Kylie’s clients.

Bill Hovey

I have found Kylie to be full of knowledge and experience with an enthusiasm and drive giving me the lift I needed when taking those  crucial steps.  I would like to thank Kylie for her ongoing commitment, time and guidance

David Humphreys

Clear vision, tenacity, leading from the front, professional yet very personable and prepared to give and share. These are characteristics of people who enjoy working with and get inspired by. Kylie is all these things and I’m pleased to be able to recommend the work Kylie does and the person she is to all.

Hayden Remnant

Kylie runs a very well organised directors placement organisation and I found her workshop for directors a valuable process for defining appropriate Board roles and creating an action plan

Patrick Mooney

Your knowledge and experience is invaluable and it is wonderful to be able to impart it in so many.

Walter Fisterman

I first met Kylie at one of her open board career assessment sessions last year and was deeply impressed by her perceptiveness and astute advice. One year on I joined the Director Institute and attended the Masterclass. I really enjoyed Kylie’s candid, straight-talking and down to earth approach as well as her guidance on the potential of portfolio revenue generation. She is a very engaging, passionate and inspiring speaker and full of pragmatic tips and tools to provide guidance moving forward. Time very well spent and I look forward to availing of her wisdom in the future.

Marie Holmes

I have known Kylie for a short time. Kylie is a very self-confident person and is well connected throughout Australia and overseas. Kylie has been the driving force of the Director Institute which has seen the institute become the preeminent source for board directors and advisers in Australia.

Philip Tedmanson

Two things impressed me most about Kylie. One, her mission to make Australian Boards more diverse, not merely in terms of gender, but also ethnicity, functional background, entrepreneurial flair and a new level of commitment to governance. Secondly, Kylie’s straight talk. She calls a spade a spade not even a shovel . As someone who is very discerning about which Boards I want to be on, I believe Kylie is the right person to get me there however long it takes.

Mahesh Enjeti

I found Kylie to be an energetic, enthusiastic, outstanding business woman and leader in addition to being an accomplished board search, selection and recruitment expert.

I enjoyed each session because they were informative, educational, entertaining and practical, presenting key elements of the next generation directors tool set, such as creating a vision for your future, leadership, what makes a successful leader and leading with impact, networking (properly and effectively),how to fast track your board search strategy, creating your own brand, and presenting yourself and your career in a way that cannot be ignored by prospective employers such as founders, owners and boards.

In particular though, I enjoyed Kylie’s portfolio approach to revenue generation, the interactive sessions on leadership, Kylie’s career planning tips and pointers and her draft plan to fast track a successful board career.

Lisa Mitchell

My association with Kylie has been inspirational and rewarding.

Not only have I learnt from Kylie’s experience, but her recommendations and her approach to planning to achieve is truly remarkable.

I have no hesitation in endorsing and recommending Kylie what so ever.

Garry Brook

If you have ever worked with someone who you could instantly build a rapport with, and could see immediately that “They knew there stuff” and could help you solve a problem, pivot from it, or guide you to a better place, then you will understand why I am recommending Kylie as an Entrepreneur, Board Advisor and for Executive career advice and recruitment, Board development and placement, including Leadership development.

John McAlister

I attended Kylie’s Welcome to the Boardroom seminar yesterday and it was chock full of not just inspiration and information but solid, practical, achievable steps to making your portfolio board career a reality. Kylie were terrific, and the room was full of interested and interesting people. Hands down one of the best events of this type I have ever attended. Perhaps the best even. Well worth the investment. Thoroughly recommended.

Liz Rowell

Kylie’s passionate approach to life is inspiring and infectious, my experience in dealing with Kylie has been very positive. Kylie is an authentic business leader, there is no hidden agenda and I recommend Kylie’s skills and experience to anyone seeking to propel their business or career.

Michael Littlejohn

Kylie is one of those people that if you get the chance to know them you realise you’ve happened upon someone quite special. . I would recommend Kylie to any one in the corporate world thinking about their next steps or their potential for a portfolio career.

Nicole McInnes

Prior to attending the Welcome to the Boardroom Masterclass I read many other feedback from those who attended previously. As such I did have high expectations from the event. I must say my experience surpassed the expectations. Kylie was inspirational and her practical tips and insights were simple, logical and relevant. I so enjoyed it and am now thinking of attending another one!!!

Karine Mac

I am an experienced Principal of a very large school and a member of Not For Profit Boards. I recently attended the Director’s Institute Welcome to the Boardroom masterclass. It was simply brilliant. The nine-hour seminar was jammed packed with quality, in-depth information covering a breadth of issues relating to the tools and strategies required to transition into becoming a board member; developing an awareness of your unique selling point; the skills boards may require; qualities of leadership for a board member and chairman; and, strategies to transition one’s qualities and skills into in getting to this next level. The sessions were delivered expertly. The networking opportunity was brilliant. Great work Kylie. I gained much from the masterclass. Thank you

Bruce Rixon

I was invited by Kylie to attend her Masterclass which is run by her organisation the Directors Institute. The day was thought provoking and very professionally run but beyond that I met some wonderful likeminded people who will be invaluable to my network. Kylie is very well connected and I would recommend attending one of her events and connecting with her. Thank you Kylie.

Brian Doughty

Kylie and her team of experts really know their stuff… when it comes to planning, positioning and acquiring positions.

Thomas Green

Kylie’s Welcome to the Boardroom Masterclass was a brilliant launchpad for me, as I look to grow my Board portfolio. Her depth of experience is impressive and her practical advice invaluable.

Carmel Molloy

Kylie and her team have created a program which prepares and equips any current or future directors with the appropriate understanding of what is required and expected from today’s serving board members. Well done!

Justin Hildage

Wow! Kylie delivers an engaging, inspiring and challenging event! She provides opportunities to clearly identify important skills and abilities and removes misconceptions. Her methodology helps you establish an uncomplicated strategy for achieving your aspirations. Her candid and generous sharing of experiences delivers a special sense of realism and encouragement and maintains involvement of all attendees. This is an excellent investment of your time.

Jim Bills

Kylie and her team opened my eyes to new possibilities. By sharing their deep experience from the Directors Institute and the rest of their collective experience, they helped me realise potential to build a long term career. Along with her wisdom and practical tips, Kylie’s candid and direct way of engaging gave me confidence to get started and build the future I want.

Michael Hellyer

Both inspirational and informative content delivered by Kylie with a wealth of practical real life advice packed into the single day session. Time & money well spent and invested in your future.

Steve Thomas

The Director Institute has really turned the table on me! I’m often asked about what it’s like being backstage at major events and with famous artists at concerts. The Welcome to the Boardroom Master Class was, for me, like being back stage. The many insights revealed in an environment of true real world players was/is just what I needed. Connections have been terrific and meeting’s arranged. I feel so many outcomes are possible and thankfully I feel support. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Doug Brimblecombe

The Director Institute Next Generation Directors Boardroom Masterclass was one of the most honest and straight forward training sessions I have attended. As CEO of the Institute, Kylie’s style is constructive as well as collaborative with a very practical delivery. Using real life examples Kylie is able to capture and inspire any audience. Looking forward to more sessions with Kylie.

Lynne Cawley

Your willingness to share your knowledge and expertise in the area of building a Board portfolio was extremely generous and left me inspired to pursue this for myself.

The language used and interactions shared throughout the day was so well aligned to getting clarity on the steps moving toward success in obtaining Board positions.

Cameron Arnold

Kylie is an engaging and informative presenter. No airs and graces. Kylie’s ability to speak from personal experience and share her inside knowledge was enlightening. Kylie kept it real, enabling participants to gain clarity on their professional goals and build awareness of the foundational skills needed to launch or expand a Board career.

Having had the pleasure of seeing Kylie in action gives me confidence to recommend her  for any individual looking to broaden their portfolio.

Joanne Ryan

I impressed with the agenda, speakers and value provided as Kylie articulated many aspects for successful Board roles.  If you are passionate about Professional development then I strongly recommend this.

Jim Burkett

Kylie’s training is first class, with guest speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience profiles.

The support, encouragement and team building is invaluable. In addition, assistance is always available.

Martin Cohn

Kylie brings a wealth of knowledge and support to all discussions and has helped guide my decisions in accepting board roles.

Ben Shapira

I recently met Kylie at the Ali Brown event organised by the Director Institute. Since our meeting, Kylie has been instrumental in guiding me in the process of implementing an Advisory Board for my business, Red Fern Lingerie. Her knowledge in business has been a great assistance to me and her extensive network has allowed me to be introduced to key people who will assist me in growing my business and brand. Thanks to Kylie’s recommendations, I am now working with highly talented, skilled and experienced people, and both my business and myself will benefit.

Tina Doueihi

Kylie is a knowledgeable individual who’s experience shines through in every conversation. So it wasn’t a surprise when an invitation to the Welcome to the Boardroom Masterclass, run by Kylie, turned out to be a day filled with ideas, thought provoking explorations, introspective analysis and learning.

Kylie shared combined experiences on developing board appointments as part of a diversified portfolio of engagements, with insights on fast tracking board career development, accessing the hidden job market, mentoring, support and (by no means least) incorporating a reflective exploration of individual values to aid in defining and articulating the value proposition one would bring to commercial board appointments.

Taiss Quartapa

Kylie passionately breaks down the long held myths & demonstrates how anyone can become a professional Board Member and create their own income stream portfolio within a couple of years.

Mark Creelman

I don’t think there is any other organisation in Australia (or, perhaps, the world!) that does what the Director Institute does.

Sankar Subramanian

Importantly Kylie backs members of the Directors Institute with mentoring and support to access the hidden job market and realise their  dreams. Thank you Kylie

Anna McDonald

Kylie is extremely generous in sharing her wisdom and professional experiences. Congratulations Kylie to you and your team on a great day and I look forward to continuing working with you to successfully achieve my goals.

Kayleen Allen

I can whole heartily recommend Kylie and the Directors Institute. Kylie supported my application to a successful conclusion on an Advisory Board and the outlay was a great investment in my future. The access to the resources, the training and networking along with coaching and resume services were second to none. Happy to take enquires if you want a reference on the process or financial commitment.

Peter Howarth

The Welcome to The Boardroom Masterclass was extremely worthwhile. It gave me the clarity and information I needed to move forward in this direction. Kylie and her team shared a lot of knowledge and insights and the interactive exercises highlighted the importance of a well thought out value proposition .I’d recommend it for anyone seeking to build a broader work/life portfolio and move into Director and advisory roles. Thanks to Kylie and the Team.

Sarah Denby-Jones

I met Kylie some years ago and have watched here develop a business very quickly to become the benchmark for how Boards will be composed in the future. She has great insights, is an amazing networker and is passionate about her craft. A true inspiration. Its with pleasure that I recommend Kylie.

Mark Gell

Kylie is a wealth of knowledge and clearly the best in the business.

Belinda Dimovski

Kylie is both knowledgeable and personally accomplished, which makes her advice so much more valuable.

Raz Chorev

I have been associated with Kylie for nearly 18 months. During this time her advice and support has been invaluable and pivotal in the achievement of my first non-executive Board position. Her network is second to none and she is always willing to share her considerable knowledge and support to assist me in achieving my goals.

Josephine Cornell