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Kylie is the CEO & Founder of Director Institute Next Generation Directors the fastest-growing network of director talent. 


Kylie is an experienced Board Director, serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and a leading Board Search & Talent Management Consultant.

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An exclusive program for select individuals

Offering select individuals and small groups the opportunity to be a part of an intensive VIP mentoring program. This program is well suited to busy CEOs, senior executives and entrepreneurs who are looking for an innovative and transformative experience that will accelerate their success both personally and professionally.

While our VIP mentoring will be created to meet your individual needs, there are a few common objectives that many executives often choose to focus on

  • Clarify your objectives: short, medium and long term
  • Define your UVP: Determine your ‘Unique Value Proposition’ to break away from the competition
  • Map your success: Map out how to best accelerate your success
  • Positioning: Position yourself for higher-end and multiple revenue stream income
  • Portfolio Planning: Rework your portfolio plan to enable you to expand your income and better take advantage of your skills and capabilities

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Executive Outplacement Program

Kylie Hammond Executive Outplacement Program delivers one-on-one executive career coaching and mentoring, strategic networking and a variety of research and support services to facilitate executive career transition, including sourcing new senior roles or entrepreneurial ventures.
Kylie Hammond offers a comprehensive outplacement service developed specifically for the executive. Our service is not tailored to large scale job redundancy, and we have chosen instead to develop a high calibre service that is designed to specifically assist executive employees, helping to get them re-engaged quickly and professionally in the executive employment market.

CEO Mentoring Services

Kylie Hammond offers comprehensive CEO Mentoring services specifically designed to assist in your personal development giving you the mindset to accelerate opportunities more effectively. As a CEO today, there is more pressure than ever with an increasing array of challenges and expectations.
It is crucial that your management decisions have a clear and insightful purpose that will inspire others and shape the future growth of your business.
CEO Mentoring services help you take the lead, focus on strategy and deliver results and long-term business success for you and your business.

Executive Career Management

Kylie Hammond certified Career Management Programs are custom designed for the individual and designed to help Executives implement a new career plan, build a career portfolio and identify opportunities in their chosen field.
Kylie’s one-on-one career coaching and mentoring sessions are practical and results-orientated and have a proven success rate of engaging executives in new employment within 90 days of initial engagement. Our programs are exclusively designed for executives who have been employed at a management, professional or senior management level and who require guidance and mentoring to undertake a forward career move and secure anew executive position.

Sea or Tree Change Mentoring Program

Have you ever wanted to reinvent yourself? Perhaps it is just a small change, or you have hit a plateau in your career. Maybe it is a major career overhaul that is needed, or you have just been made redundant. Whether it is by choice or forced upon us, reinvention is inevitable, and a healthy part of results and sustained growth in any career. When you undertake Kylie Hammond’s coaching sessions we will help you identify your personal, professional and financial growth goals long term and short term. We will work with you to come up with an action plan to fill the gap between where you are and where you want to go, and to help implement strategies to assure your success.

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What Kylie’s Clients Are Saying…

“Thank you Kylie for showing me what’s possible and how to achieve success at the CEO/Boardroom level.”

Liz Behjet
Liz Behjet”I feel energised and empowered’
“Kylie Hammond is an energetic, insightful, and successful entrepreneur. She is a great coach and a wonderful leader. It is a pleasure to be one of Kylie’s clients”.
Bill Hovey
Bill Hovey”Great Coach and Wonderful Leader’
“I would recommend Kylie to any one in the corporate world thinking about their next steps or their potential for a portfolio career.”
Nicole McInnes
Nicole McInnes”Someone quite special…”
“Not only have I learnt from Kylie’s experience, but her recommendations and her approach to planning to achieve is truly remarkable.”
Garry Brook
Garry Brook”Inspirational and Rewarding”
“Along with her wisdom and practical tips, Kylie’s candid and direct way of engaging gave me confidence to get started and build the future I want.”
Michael Hellyer
Michael Hellyer”Helped me to realise my potential…”
Through your Amazing Results Coaching & Mentoring I was able to secure my first exciting and awesome position when I arrived in Australia. Thank you so much for your excellent coaching.
GARY TODD”Fantastic Mentor”
Kylie as always a massive thank you for being there when called upon over the past 8 plus years.
Gordon Jenkins
Gordon Jenkins “REFRESHING”

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